Fall Drama Classes

Our 8 to 12 year old class will provide instruction and enhancement of basic theatre skills, acting techniques, and character development through games, activities, and the completion of a full stage production. Student achievements will include: knowledge of theatrical terms, understanding of character and fulfilling their roles onstage, and instruction for basic stage movement and dance. This class will provide these skills within a Faith based environment, where children are instructed and encouraged from the word of God, with the goal to help them grow both as actors and as Christians. 

Hannah Simmons

Our 13 and up class will work on using the medium of theatre to glorify God. We will focus on character development, both of the acting variety and real life. We will work on musical skills, movement on stage, presence and other theatre tools throughout the year. At the end of the class, I would like us all to have furthered our acting abilities, used them to glorify God in our completed play/performances and grown in our character.

Each week we will have a devotion that we discuss in small groups. I would desire that God would use these devotions in all of our lives to help us learn to trust in His sovereignty instead of our guesses at the future and to trust His character instead of our own. 

Rachel Peatross

There are 3 costs associated with the classes:

$25 nonrefundable registration fee per child ($50/family)

$50 costume and script fee per student

Tuition: $360 per student with significant discounts given for multiple students in one family. For more information about these discounts, click on the button below. Please be sure to download and read the pdf file below before registering.