Bringing a production to the stage provides a prime arena for students to both walk out and work out the Christian life. It provides nearly endless topics for discussion and real life lessons, in an environment in which students can learn how to connect the dots between their theology and their lives.


Classes, devotions, and prayer times are used to instruct, encourage and equip students. Through theatre arts, students grow in their self-confidence and public speaking ability, preparing them to be heard and understood as they find their voice and place in the world.

Our Vision:

Charlotte Christian Theatre will set the stage, in all senses of the phrase, for a future in musical theatre with a marked emphasis on glorifying the Lord. Through engaging classes that provide training in acting and vocal technique, and performances that draw the public into the heart of Christ, students develop the skills necessary to excel in theatre arts and deepen their own relationships with God. The skills are real, the applications are endless.

Some of the most important and far-reaching aspects of the process are the change and growth we will see in the young people, and in the adult volunteers throughout the course of the year. If the performance is the “icing on the cake”, then the “cake” certainly consists of the work of God in the lives of the young people involved. The audition and casting process, as well as the teamwork necessary to bring these productions to performance, will serve as a wonderful arena in which to walk out and work out the Christian life.

This is what we are passionate about! Working with these young people is so important, as we believe this generation goes out into a tougher world than any of us had to deal with. A year or two (or more!) of theatre can provide almost endless real life lessons and topics for discussion, in an environment where they can learn how to connect the dots between their theology and their real lives.

Although this is primarily Christian youth theatre, there will certainly come our way those young people and parents who do not know Christ. This is our opportunity to present the Gospel by word and deed to those in need of salvation. By opening up the classes to the community and presenting the performances to the community, we serve as an outreach to the churched and unchurched, and give Christian young people an outlet for the talents and giftings the Lord has blessed them with in a way that brings glory to Him.